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About Aventurine Dreams
…we create hand-crafted wellness products, to add magic to the mundane 💕 ingredients are ethically sourced, vegan & cruelty free

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email: pixee@kittymail.com
twitter: pixee_pea

Items For Sale:

Van Cough Soap – £6:00
5 Available
Introducing our beautiful new ‘Van Cough’ soap, inspired by Vincent Van Gogh & scented with our very own hand-crafted blend of ‘Thieves Oil’ to banish germs & viruses, whilst leaving your skin feeling nourished
order here: paypal.me/pixeepea
Violet No-Regard Wax Melt – £5:00
5 Available
A personal favourite, with a W.I.P name of ‘Violet No-Regard’ – this luxury melts both looks & admittedly smells good enough to eat 🤤 this beauty is scented with violet, vanilla, peppermint & lemon & is adorned with rose petals & a beautiful eco-shimmer
order here: paypal.me/pixeepea
Luxury Batch Sachet – £5:00
5 Available
Fancy levelling up your bath experience?! our bath sachets create a beautiful aroma & each sachet contains a blend of salts, pure essential oils & rose petals & will leave your skin feeling soft & scented 💕
order here: paypal.me/pixeepea

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