My Week In Pictures 006

Welcome back to That’s What Pea Said… Have you checked out my most recent post: Reasons To Join a Book Club? I hope you had a magical weekend and are feeling refreshed and ready for the week ahead! I thought I’d re-introduce my weekly round-up, afterall I enjoy documenting my journey and not all of my blog followers follow my instagram.

How beautiful is my hydrangea skeleton (technical name unknown)? It illustrates the beauty which can be found within change and offers us a beautiful reminder… As I prepare for my mabon celebrations, I accept that I am ready for autumn and ready to embrace the seasonal changes ~ it’s time to cosy-up and recharge…


In order to heal you must speak the truth, be your authentic self and outgrow your own bullshit…

You cannot fool the universe…

I thought I’d share a throwback to this time last year when I’d been foraging a beautiful harvest of berries… ngl, I’ve not been as lucky this year and it feels like a really shame, even my garden veggies have been slow to flourish…

Regardless, I’m focusing on the positives of this summer and I’m super excited for spooky season…

I just wanted to drop-in and say that regardless of how busy you are – make time for love, those you love and most importantly those who love you… it can be easy to get wrapped up in work; social media and every day life, so it’s important to take a step back and always make time for love…

Here’s a morning reminder to practice self love this week, after all self love is the most important kind of love…

focus on yourself
nourish your body
be mindful of your inner voice
practice gratitude
build positive affirmations
drop toxic people

Life can be incredibly fast paced, I know that mine certainly has been… I wanted to take a moment to share some creative self-care ideas which will help you slow down and focus on the present… remember: if life becomes overwhelming, especially online it’s okay to set boundaries, say no and to take a break

go for a walk and get outdoors
listen to a new podcast
take time to practice mindful breathing
eat a balanced and nutritious meal
journal your thoughts
take time to watch the clouds
create a vision board

I was lucky enough to spot another piece of street art recently and once again, it got me thinking… I feel this quote is both powerful and poignant, after all we are all likely to encounter individuals who have no regard for our wellbeing and would gladly set us on fire, simply to make themselves feel/look a little brighter… It’s a tough world and despite the hurdles, we must continue to focus on maintaining our own torches and under no circumstances direct bitterness and detriment towards others, regardless of how shitty we may be feeling… projecting our insecurities onto others is never empowering and a polite reminder: any negativity sent towards me will backfire and be returned ten-fold

I’ve always said that you shouldn’t post anything online which you wouldn’t be prepared to plaster on a billboard… I’m conscious that once you submit something to print, it exists forever but the truth is, the same applies online and even if you delete, content there is every chance that it’s still available for the world to read. I won’t bore you with my thoughts but this post shares a little insight…

You can read the full post here


AD // We were lucky enough to enjoy some much overdue live music in the sunshine this weekend and I thought it was the perfect opportunity to give these fruity hard seltzer’s a whirl… Both flavours we tried were lush and picnic perfect.

remember: hydrate, don’t hate

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