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Welcome back to That’s What Pea Said… Have you checked out my latest post: Unethical Influencer Campaigns pt1:Unethical Influencer Campaigns Pt1? August was a particularly busy month for me both online and offline, however I am not complaining and I am excited that September is looking to be even busier – although a little more organised! I have decided to collate all of my monthly collaborations along with any discount codes, just to make it easier to shop my site…

Over on Instagram, I was very excited to share my Friday night tipple which was sponsored by Jura Whisky… At the time I had said that I was expecting to have another summer festival free, however I can now report this was no longer the case. Although I didn’t attend my usual festivals, I’ve been lucky enough to experience two weekends of live music in a festival(ish) environment and given the current circumstances I am happy to take it and enjoy it for the summery vibe which it was…

This whisky is described as having “subtle smokey characteristics with robust vanilla & an intense kick of sherried sweetness underneath‘’. I can confirm it was lush and I am excited to order a full size bottle! 

I was extremely grateful to share the first book in a four part series: ‘Echo’ written by R.C.Glenn… I really enjoyed reading this thriller! Without giving away spoilers, I can safety say that this book touched on a number of relatable subjects: paranormal anxiety, anxious behaviours and stalking to name a few… I’m also pleased that the author has taken wonderful consideration towards the language used… I’ve read many books which touch on neuro-divergent behaviours where the author has completely missed the mark, but R.C.Glenn writes from a place of authenticity and understanding.

Read my review here:

I’ve always been open about carrying my own sustainable and eco friendly items and with these toilet tissues I’ve made no exception

Due to the nature of these tissues they are hypoallergenic & dust free which is an absolute blessing to my super sensitive nose & allergies…

Read my thoughts here:

I’m super excited to share with you our beautiful Palo Santo collection of soy wax candles. These candles have been curated to include a beautiful blend of high quality and hypoallergenic fragrance…

This collection includes:
40g wax melts // 9cl votive
200g silver tin // 220g bobble tin with wood wick

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be introducing the other additions to our beautiful collections…

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I’m grateful to share with you Hope In Hell by Jonathon Porritt… For those of you who aren’t aware: I’m a proud environmental activist and unapologetic eco-warrior and so, on paper this book sounded right up my street however I have to admit that I’ve really struggled to get into it… I’ve found it to be quite overwhelming and lots of info to process…

I also find it difficult to understand environmental awareness which doesn’t actively promote veganism… I don’t have time for excuses & a little bit of meat, doesn’t make an animal just little bit dead BUT I don’t want to digress from the topic at hand…

Thank you Australian Body Care for sending me a lovely selection of goodies to try… This post features the first step in my current 4 part skincare routine (I can’t wait to share the rest)…

The primary ingredient in the cleanse and refresh cleanser is Tea Tree and I can honestly say that I genuinely don’t remember the last time that my skin felt so fresh… I loved the feeling so much that I also shared it with my cariad and my mam… after all, sharing is caring.

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Have you tried any of the products listed here?
I would love to know your thoughts in the comments, lets chat xo

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