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If you can’t be kind: be quiet

Welcome back to That’s What Pea Said… Have you checked out my latest post: Recent Collaborations: August Roundup? I wanted to take the opportunity to share a post which I shared on my Instagram – it’s a subject which isn’t talked about enough: our words hold power, both written and spoken and not only does what we speak become reality, if our words are unkind they can be detrimental to both ourselves and to others…

On reflection, I have always said that you shouldn’t post anything online which you wouldn’t be prepared to plaster on a billboard… 11 years since my initial declaration I remain conscious that once you submit something to print, it exists forever – the truth is, the same applies online and even if you delete content there is every chance that the content is still available for the world to read…

Although I shared this image originally on my Instagram, I decided to share it on my twitter the following day to support World Suicide Prevention Day. That wasn’t the basis of the image however I felt that it was important to make the connection and as a Content Creator, I felt a sense of responsibility to do so.

Before you post online, ask yourself the following:

01: is what I’m posting truthful?

Whether we are posting about ourselves, or others it is important to have confidence that the content we are publishing is truthful. There is no denying the speed in which rumours can spread online and nobody deserves to be on the receiving end of untruths.

02: would I post this content on a billboard?

This is probably the deepest question I ask myself before publishing content online. When posting online we can never be sure that our content is private and away from prying eyes, whether it is an individual with a grudge and ex or an employer. If you wouldn’t feel comfortable posting on a public billboard, I would advise refraining from posting the content in question on social media.

03: is what I’m posting authentically me?

Following on from the above question, I think it’s important to question the authenticy of a post before clicking ‘publish’. This is not to say you shouldn’t retweet an outfit you like that isn’t really ‘you’ however if you feel comfortable with your content, regardless of whether or not it’s controversial you will be equipt to handle any repercussions or negative reactions once it’s live. If you own your shit, nobody can throw it at you!

04: will this post inspire others?

I feel that it is important to ask ourselves if the content which we are creating and publishing will inspire others. It’s important to note that I don’t take this as an opportunity to encourage copying or plagiarism however I do encourage content creating which is inspirational, thought provoking and perhaps even the catalyst for others to change their perspective, or at least feel curious to look at things differently.

05: does this content put me in a good light?

When publishing content online, I think it is always worth thinking about the light in which it will portray us in… I am a proud supporter of controversy and pushing boundaries, with the exception of doing so in a manner which is deceitful, cruel and unkind. Take a moment and think if you were never able to justify yourself, how would the content paint you out to be and if something were to happen (touch wood) – would you feel comfortable knowing that the content would be part of your legacy?

I appreciate that these questions may appear to be obvious, however it is amazing how many people still use the Internet as a platform to be unkind towards others and how many people are still actively trying to discourage this (which I fully support – thank you).

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