Reasons To Join A Book Club

Welcome back to That’s What Pea Said. Have you checked out my most recent post: If You Can’t Be Kind: Be Quiet? It has been almost a year since I began taking part in Tandem Collective Readalongs and I can safely say that I have enjoyed every experience… In addition to this, I have also set-up my own Book Club on Twitter which is really fun and I love any additional excuse to read more and chat about books with likeminded individuals. As the world is beginning to open up again and I’m gradually re-connecting with clubs and the like, I have been asking myself whether or not I should join an offline book club?

It might sound rather trivial and silly, however I have discovered a local book club at a lovely venue which incorporates books which are right up my street – I’m really tempted to sign up and give it a try… After all, if I don’t enjoy myself I don’t have to attend again. I love a good list and so I have compiled list of 8 Reasons To Join a Book Club – just incase you find yourself in the same predicament… If you have any additional suggestions I would love to read them in the comments below.

Expand Your Circle of Friends

The world can be a lonely place and attending a book club provides you with the perfect opportunity to meet new people with absolutely no baggage or expectations of you. If I’m honest, this sounds really refreshing. Expanding your circle of friends will also open you to new opportunities and experiences from various walks of life and if you’re super shy, I’m sure you won’t be the only shy reader in the group or the only newbie so try not to let this deter you.

Read Books You May Not Otherwise Read

One of my favourite things about the Tandem Collective readalongs is that I have had the opportunity to read books which I would never have normally chosen to read. I usually tick the option which say that I can’t decide and would gladly read any of the available options and this is definitely the option which I would encourage you to follow. I’m thinking of writing a post about the unexpected gems I’ve read this past year and once it’s live I’ll pop the link here.

Learn New Things

I really am a sucker for any opportunity to learn something new and attending a book club looks like a sure fire way to do so! Not only do books provide us with knowledge and insight, everyone we meet in our lives also has the potential to teach us something new – whether it’s speaking a new language, or introducing us to a new beer.

New Book, New Start

If your life is feeling overwhelming, chaotic or out of control starting a new book can be the perfect way to take back some control. What’s even better is that you won’t be alone in the process and due to the nature of a book club, you’ll have accountability partners to help you stay on track.

You’ll Have Reading Deadlines

Following on from my previous point about re-gaining control, joining a book club means that you’ll have reading deadlines which may be just thing you need to add some structure back into your life. Based on my personal experience my reading is much more structured when it’s part of readalong, or if I have a publisher waiting to read my thoughts.

You May Fall In Love With Reading

I understand that reading is not everyone’s cup of tea – however, if you’re sitting on the fence, joining a book club may be just the ticket you need to make you fall in love with reading. If it’s not the books themselves, perhaps you’ll enjoy the friendships and sense of community?

You’ll Receive Emotional Support

If you think about it, attending a bookclub is potentially just like group therapy… If you’re discussing sensitive issues you will receive support from the other readers, naturally the topics will incorporate your real life experiences and situations and in turn, other readers will be able to provide you with support and you will be able to return the gesture. I am not suggesting that book clubs are a replacement for therapy however sharing your thoughts and feelings is rarely a bad thing.

You’ll Improve Your Writing

The more you read the greater number of writing styles and techniques you’ll introduce yourself to. Whatever your line of work improving your writing and vocabulary can only ever be a positive thing. I have found that reading in various languages has really assisted and aided my understanding of them and the same theory can be applied to reading/writing in our native language.

You May Spark New Passions

I love the idea that attending a book club could potentially spark a new passion, although I don’t really need any encouragement it’s definitely a green flag which I would encourage everyone to explore!

Are you a fan of reading? Have you joined a book club?
I’d love to read your thoughts in the comments below, lets chat xo

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6 thoughts on “Reasons To Join A Book Club

  1. This is really triggering to me. I love reading and went through the thought of joining a reading book club several times but never actually done it. I think the deadlines were my biggest issue since my free time was always souper limited. However, i liked your thoughts and I do find it interesting in several ways. I think I will definitely try it sometime in my life. Thank you for sharing this post!


  2. Love this! I don’t think I’ve ever been part of a book club but I’d love to set up an online one at some point and I’m going to look for offline ones near me too! I love the idea of trying new books you wouldn’t usually read and adding structure to your reading – I find that’s often the case with books sent by authors, too! I’d really like to make more friends too, haha. Thanks for sharing x


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