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Welcome back to That’s What Pea Said… Have you checked out my most recent post: Sunshine on a Rainy Day? I hope you had a magical weekend and are feeling refreshed and ready for the week ahead! I thought I’d re-introduce my weekly round-up, afterall I enjoy documenting my journey and not all of my blog followers follow my instagram.

Whilst I’m not really one for convenience foods, when I spotted these noodles in my local Chinese Supermarket I felt like I had to give them a try… I’ve heard that charcoal works wonders for our digestive system and I adore mushrooms so it was a winning combination…

The packaging was 100% plastic free and this is something I wish more brands took on board…

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I just wanted to share with you some super easy (and free) ways in which you can support small businesses and show them some love…

Follow them on social media
Like, comment and share their content
Refer your friends and family to their pages
Leave a positive review
Make a conscious effort to ‘shop small’

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I’m grateful to to share with you the first book in a four part series: ‘Echo’ written by R.C.Glenn… I really enjoyed reading this thriller and I’m excited to read the 2nd instalment….

I can safety say that this book touched on a number of relatable subjects: paranormal anxiety, anxious behaviours and stalking to name a few… I’m also pleased that the author has taken wonderful consideration towards the language used…

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I’ve always been open about carrying my own sustainable and eco friendly items and with these toilet tissues I’ve made no exception

Due to the nature of these tissues they are hypoallergenic & dust free which is an absolute blessing to my super sensitive nose & allergies…

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It is important to make sure the accounts you’re following online aren’t contributing to low mood, or low self-esteem… your feed should be a place of enjoyment and comfort, so please don’t be afraid to mute/block/unfollow accordingly…

…this extends to not viewing accounts which don’t bring you joy, especially if this is something you have to go out of your way to do, for example being blocked… tormenting yourself only fuels negativity

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I love discovering new places to eat, however I would be lying if I didn’t say that the plastic and polystyrene which accompanies our take-outs definitely pinches some of the enjoyment…We rarely order food but I’ve definitely noticed a switch in companies now using packaging which is less environmentally friendly and I’m curious to know why… I’ve decided to email some of our local food spots and find some answers.

On a brighter note, we discovered the most delicious samosas and onion bhajis and made the decisions to dine-in next time we fancy a treat…


I was genuinely stoked to discovering this gem whilst walking into town yesterday.

People are so consumed with other people’s lives that they don’t take time to appreciate the beauty in front of them…

Take a step back:
See what magic is surrounding you…

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