Sunshine On A Rainy Day…

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Happy Friday Flowers… Once again, we have made it to Friday and survived another week circling around the sun… Aren’t we fabulous!

♡ It has been a busy week, however I am pleased to share that I have finally finished creating my media kit and following this, I have been busy cracking on and arranging some rather exciting collaborations… watch this space…

♡ This week, I also completed the fourth installment of my Understanding Mental Health Awareness Course… This isn’t something very photographable, however I have been enjoying the assignments.

♡ Many moons ago I used to use my bullet blender on a daily basis, mainly for juicing, however it has many wonderful settings (21 I think)… This week, I decided to dig it out and get creative using the various fruits and veggies which we have in the fridge. My favourite was definitely the simplistic pineapple and celery which works wonders for inflammation and bloating. Interestingly, the blueberries were a bit of a fail.

♡ This week I decided to mix up our supermarket trips and I was pleasantly suprised with the number of new plastic free alternatives which had appeared on the shelves. I know the ideal would be not to buy processed and ready made foods, but I can’t help but feel this has to be a positive step in the right direction. The next step will be for the plastic-free alternatives to be at the same cost as their less earth friendly og’s…

♡ I love walking and I love flowers, so combining the two is always a winning combination… I particualrly enjoy finding flowers in unusual places. At least once a week my love and I take a walk into town and I am loving all the sunflowers which have been planted. Sunflowers are always so joyful and they brighten up the parks even when the weather is pretty grey and miserable.

♡ Earlier this week, whilst at the garden centre I could not help but notice the array of super cute vegetable plushies… They all had striking characteristics and expressions, not to mention a rather hefty price-tag. I’m so use to my fabulous charity shop finds that I now struggle to buy anything brand new… If I’m honest, I’m not saying that this is something negative, I’m actually really proud of my greener spending habits. I have been thinking about sharing some of my recent finds and up-cycles, I love creating this style of content and I enjoy inspiring others to do the same.

I can’t believe that another week has flown by… It is just me, or does time feel like it has been moving much faster recently? Perhaps it’s the monotomy of the pandemic? Have you had a busy week? What experiences and sightings have brought you joy?

Lets chat in the comments xo

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  1. I’ve loved reconnecting with my nature walks and getting out among the flowers and trees — I haven’t been able to do it for the last few days as the heat has been too high but tomorrow is cooler so I’ll be out and about again! It sounds like your week was a busy but rewarding one — thanks for sharing!


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