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I wanted to take this opportunity to share with you a fabulous book which I recently had the pleasure of reading… It’s important that I disclose this book with given to me for the purpose of me providing an honest review however this has not affected my thoughts and opinions…

You can read my disclaimer here:

I am grateful to have this opportunity to share with you the first book in a four part series: ‘Echo’ written by R.C.Glenn… I really enjoyed reading this thriller and I am excited to read the 2nd instalment….

Without giving away any spoilers, I can safely say that this book touched on a number of relatable subjects: paranormal anxiety, anxious behaviours and stalking to name a few… I am also pleased that the author has taken wonderful consideration towards the language used… I have read many books which touch on neuro-divergent behaviours where the author has completely missed the mark, but R.C.Glenn writes from a genuine place of authenticity and understanding (we need more authors to follow suit).

I’ll happily rate this book 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

To elaborate from my photo these are the elements which I highlighted to share:

☆ self-published author

☆ first book in a four part series: shop the series here:

#actuallyanxious okay, so admittedly I may have curated this hashtag myself however I feel it’s very fitting and it is a highlight which I am going to continue to champion. It was so refreshing to read a book which shared anxious behaviours in a genuine and authentic light.

fast paced I loved the fast yet flowing pace of this book. Although it has a complex story line, the writer explained the plot in such a way that everything made sense and I didn’t find myself having to revisit chapters or research outside of the book.

☆ originally drafted by hand just a fun fact to share that this book was originally drafter by hand using a notebook and biro, the second draft was written on a phone.

☆ dyslexia friendly the first thing which I noticed about this book how clear and legible the font was, I also appreciated the slightly larger pages. As someone who suffers from migraines this was really refreshing and made my experience much more enjoyable.

considerate use of language I’ve touched on this briefly however I feel that it is so important that we champion authors who used a considerate choice of language, especially when they write about serious and sensitive issues.

authentic reference to neuro-divergent behaviour similarly to the above point, we should champion authentic and genuine authors who have an understanding and are not set out to exploit a community.

Echo is available to purchase here

Are you familiar with any authentic authors, or have you read any absolute horrors where they’ve totally missed the mark? I’d love to know in the comments below xo

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