Recent Collaborations – July Roundup:

Welcome back to That’s What Pea Said… Have you checked out my latest post: AD // Aventurine Dreams Buzz Off? July was a particuarly busy month for collaborations and I am excited that August is going to be even busier! I have decided to collate all of my monthly collaborations along with any discount codes, just to make it easier to shop my site…


I shared this collaboration at the beginning of July when I had been using this fabulous foundation for just shy of 3 months. Although it took some getting used to, due to the texture I am really pleased to share that it has now become a staple within my make-up kit.

This foundation is plastic free, vegan, cruelty free & SPF15… what’s not to love? I’m also pleased to share this is a no filter, flawless foundation photo.

use BBPIXEEPEA for 20% discount

PEOPLE LIKE THEM // Tandem Collective Readalong

I’m grateful to have had this opportunity to share with you the Tandem Collective UK read-along for People Like Them by Samira Sedira…. People Like Them is described as a short but powerful book based on a heartbreakingly true story which took place in 2003 when a family of 5 were killed by a man in a French Village…

People Like Them is Samira’s fourth novel and is the first to be translated into English… J’ai hâte de lire les trois livres qui sont écrits en français 🇫🇷

you can read my thoughts here


I’ve always been pretty lucky with my skin however recently I’ve been trialing new medication and can’t help but notice they’ve unbalanced my skin… Its a lesser of two evils however, I’m hoping these capsules of magic will revert my skin pronto.

These capsules contain vitamin A and vitamin C and don’t contain any nasties… I’m also really pleased to share that they’re 100% plastic free! I’ll be trying these over the next 30days and I’m looking forward to sharing my journey…

use BTPIXEW for 25% discount (ignore the typo)

THE THERAPIST // Tandem Collective Readalong

I’m grateful to have had this opportunity to share with you the Tandem Collective readalong for The Therapist by Helene Flood… Written by a psychologist it’s described as a domestic thriller which will get under your skin and it was my kinda book!

I was excited to get stuck in with the interactive elements of this readalong especially because I’m a Therapist myself (fun fact of the day) and I find it fascinating to see how other therapists work and the approaches they apply to their thoughts.

you can read my thoughts here


I am a big believer that whilst not all illnesses are curable, many can be eased & alleviated by the power of plants… I speak from experience & as always I share my honest & genuine thoughts…

Whilst I’ve not been taking these long enough to comment, you can read my original post here:

I look forward to sharing my thoughts and experience once I have completed the 30 days. If you’re familiar with ashwagandha I’d love to read your thoughts in the comments.


I’ve been actively switching the items in my make-up kit in order to make it plastic free and these bio-degradable razors are my latest addition…

I’ve used eye brow razors for many years and have always tried to sharpen/replace the blades but it’s a faff and can actually be quite damaging to the skin… needless to say, that’s no longer the case! These razors can also be used to smooth the skin and remove facial fuzz, however that’s not something I’ve tried as I focus on my brows.

order direct via my linktree here:


I was so excited when Everlasting Comfort offered to send me quite possibly the softest blanket I’ve ever had the pleasure of snuggling! As you can see by Lola’s face she’s loving it too… This blanket is available in a number of different colours… I chose Arctic Blue as it matches our decor and has a lovely silvery hue which makes everything feel magical.

I’m a lover of comfort and snuggliness and this blanket has now become a staple self care soother.

You can order via their instagram which leads you to their amazon store.

CONVERSATIONS ON LOVE // Tandem Collective Readalong

I’m grateful share with you the Tandem Collective read-along for Conversations on Love by Natasha Lunn… This book explores love on a plethora of levels and explores how we find love, how we sustain love and how we survive after losing love. Whilst at uni, I wrote an article about the idea of people being in love, with being in love. I was interested to see how our thoughts correlate… Love isn’t linear, nor a competition: it’s important to remember that all of our journeys and experiences will differ, but are no less valid (unless you’re faking it).

you can read my thoughts here:

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