A – Z of Selfcare: Summer Edition

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The sun is shining and the warmer weather has returned, so I thought this was the perfect opportunity to refresh my A-Z Selfcare List and share my summer addition…

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A – Z of Selfcare: Summer Edition


Take a moment and ask yourself…

– What do I feel?
– What do I need?
– What do I forgive?
– What do I celebrate?
– What do I release?
– What do I trust?

Acknowledging your feelings is an empowering act of self-care…
This is something which you should be comfortable with.


It is important to remain active even during the warmer months. Whilst this may require you to change your activities, you should try and get outside at least once a day to feel the sun on your skin and enjoy the fresh air. If like me, you suffer from hayfever and asthma it is important to remember to take extra preventative measures… Furthermore, if you take any medications it is important to research how these will affect you in the heat, if you are unsure, please contact your GP.


What better time to change things up than now? Fancy changing your hair, do it now… Fancy re-freshing your bedroom, do it now… Want to learn a new skill, do it now… Naturally, we have more energy and enthusiasm during the summer – so make the most of it before the season changes!


Here is your reminder to continue to look for magic in the mundane… do everything with love and even the simplest of tasks can become something beautiful and assist you in manifesting the life you want to live… We all have the power to create our own reality and there has never been a better time to start, than now (literally do it rn)… Always look for magic and do everything with love ♡


I’m a strong believer in making time to do the things we love, with the ones we love and so on my birthday we went strawberry picking ♡ It is amazing how something so simple can bring so much joy and it is safe to say, there’s something beautifully romantic about sharing freshly picked strawberries in the sunshine ♡

there is nothing like the taste of strawberries to remind me what lips taste like

– Rupi Kaur ♡


In addition to strawberry picking ^^ it is almost blackberry season and shortly after will be the perfect time to pick sloe berries… I’m such a fan of foraging, it’s fun, it’s free and honestly, nothing tastes better than freshly picked fruit and veggies. I can’t wait to get out with my basket.


There is nothing I love more than going on an adventure and the best thing is that it doesn’t have to be expensive and you don’t have to travel far… Take a moment to research what hidden gems are local to you and you’ll probably suprise yourself! If you’re still struggling, ask your friends and family for their suggestions, or ask online but be mindful not to share you location with strangers.


It might sound obvious, however I feel that this is too important to leave off the list… If you’re not a fan of water, you can create fruit infusions using fresh/frozen fruit or create an iced tea using a regular tea bag and lemon slices. Squash is also effective to keep you hydrated, along with cucumber, watermelon and oranges to name a few alternatives.


If I’m honest, we should take time to invest in ourselves throughout the year however I feel that sometimes it can be more important in the summer as it lifts our overall mood and may make us feel more comfortable during the warmer days… Investing in ourselves doesn’t have to be expensive and time consuming, something as simple as preparing bottles of water, or giving yourself a pedicure can be really effective in lifting your mood and changing your outlook.


Perhaps a little direct, but take this as a reminder that it’s totally okay to decline the things which you don’t wish to do… No is a valid response… You can read my tips for learning how to say no here:


Once we have taken the time to identify what we want, it is easier to achieve. This isn’t to suggest that you should sit down and write a detailed plan however setting goals can make it easier for us to visualise and achive the life we want to live…

If you are keen to set goals, here is a simple and effective method:

Set 1x goal for today
Set 2x goals for this week
Set 3x goals for the month
Set 4x goals for the year

This method allows you flexibility and you will achieve something each day!


I am a strong believer in the notion that the energy we emit, mirrors the energy which we receive… If we want to recieve love, we have to give love and not just romantically… I’m currently reading ‘Conversations on Love’ (AD) – so keep an eye out for my review where I will be sharing my thoughts on all things love…


In addition to keeping our bodies hydrated, it is important to keep our skin hydrated… Bonus points if you use a moisturiser with SPF. It is worth noting that it is dangerous to apply oils to our skin before sun exposure as this can burn our skin and cause sun damage…


It is important to nourish your mind and feed your soul… sometimes, there’s nothing better than diving into a super green and leafy salad… I believe that when we are in tune with our bodies, we know what we need to fuel it and therefore it’s important to listen to our intuition and nourish our body and soul…


If you own your quirks, you can express yourself both authentically and freely… When you think about it, everybody is a little weird and that’s what makes us both unique and beautiful in our own way… In my experience, when you make peace with your quirks you will encourage others to speak out and do the same… Give it a try and if I’m wrong, I’ll send you a virtual hug ♡


I love affirmations, I think they’re fabulous for re-wiring our thought patterns and so here are some of my favourite spring/summer time affirmations for you to use and enjoy…

♡ blooming
…I give myself space to bloom at my own pace

♡ abundance
…I am living with abundance, blessings flow to me

♡ creativity
…I am free to share my creativity with the world

♡ growth
…I am growing into my most authentic self

♡ gratitude
…I allow myself to always seek gratitude

♡ joy
…I can always find joy in the little things


Perhaps easier said than done, but it is important to take time to question negative thoughts and to try and put a stop to any negative thought cycles. Our thoughts control our actions and whilst I don’t want to go into CBT and other various Counsellor jargon I feel that it can be effective to keep a diary for 2-4 weeks of any negative thoughts we experience to identify patterns and triggers for these cycles…


I love listening to the birds in the morning and I equally love listening to the rain… If you live somewhere which is heavily noise polluted visit somewhere quiet and allow yourself the time to sit still and embrace the soothing sounds of nature… Alternatively, if you feel unable to go out, you can search for soothing sounds on both spotify and youtube… I particularly enjoy listening to sounds of the rainforest…


I like to charge many of my crystals in the sun and whilst I’m not a fan of sunbathing, sun meditation is an act which I can get behind. As I’ve mentioned before, if you are spending time in the sun it is important to apply SPF protection and keep hydrated as failing to do so can be damaging to your health and thats the opposite effect to what we are going for…


If you have been waiting for a sign to try something new, this is it! If you are feeling anxious, practice affirmations and remind yourself that with any task, hobby or skill everybody has to start as a beginner at some point – you may even surprise yourself and ignite a new passion or side hustle… It’s currently Leo season, so fuel your passion and try something new today!


It is too easy to become consumed by technology and so it is important to remember to take time away from technology and to focus on living in the moment. I plan regular social media breaks and it is honestly one of the most refreshing methods of self care… If you are worried about FOMO, don’t be – the world will continue to turn and when you return you will feel refreshed and have something authentic to share…


Now that travel restrictions have lifted in England and we can travel freely throughout the country (Wales and Scotland have different restrictions) there is no better time to check out a new beauty spot… With this in mind, please be mindful and ensure that you keep yourself and others safe and leave nothing more than your footprints wherever you choose to travel…


Body image is something which I have written about a number of times over the past couple of years and although I’m in the process of refreshing my previous content, I feel that it is still relevent now… Afterall, bodies are still bodies and all bodies are good bodies… If you’re having a tough time you can read my positive body affirmations here:


Although social interactions are limited, this doesn’t mean that we can’t take comfort from either cuddling our loved ones, our animals, a soft toy or by finding comfort from the materials which we surround ourselves. Who doesn’t love a comfy blanket? Some people have even shared the benefits of giving yourself a hug, although this isn’t a habit which I’ve added into my routine. If you’re looking for a new blanket, you can check out my post on my everlasting comfort blanket (AD)…


Admittedly, I love any excuse to talk about yoga and I thought I would use this opportunity to share some of the popular benefits of yoga… One of my favourite things about yoga is that it’s accessible to absolutely everyone, you do not have to be super bendy and flexible, you can do everything at your own pace and to the best of your ability…

Yoga improves strength, balance and flexibility
Yoga helps with back pain relief
Yoga can ease arthritis symptoms
Yoga benefits heart health
Yoga relaxes you, to help you sleep better
Yoga can mean more energy and brighter moods
Yoga helps you manage stress


Although it might sound obvious, one of the most important things which we can do to practice selfcare is to ensure that we have an effective sleep routine. Due to the warmer weather and allergies we may experience, it is only natural that this will impact our sleep. With this in mind, it is even more important that we create a nightime routine and practice the appropriate sleep hygiene…

I appreciate that this is a fairly extensive list, however I hope that you’ll find an activity which you too can enjoy during these frustrating and uncertain times… Do you have any lockdown selfcare tips to share?
Lets chat in the comments xo

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  1. Those are all great tips, especially learning to say No. It’s a lesson I learned the hard way last summer but I am getting better at it every day. Ultimately I think we need to be kind to ourselves and accept that we do need a break occasionally and it’s OK to do that 🙂


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