30 Affirmations For Attracting Abundance

Welcome back to That’s What Pea Said… Have you checked out my most recent post? Hello February // February Goals?! One of my goals for this month is to continuing growning my business, with this in mind I thought I’d take the opportunity to share with you 30 affirmations which will not only change your mindset towards money, but they will change your life… Okay, so that sounds little dramatic, but mindset really is a gamechanger… I honestly believe we attract the energies which we emit and actively changing out mindset is genuinely the most affective and rewarding way to do so. Affirmation: noun affirmation; plural noun: affirmations // the action or process of affirming something…

♡ Money flows to me easily and frequently

♡ I realease all blocks to attracting money

♡ All my actions create constant prosperity

♡ Money allows me to have a life I love

♡ I am abundant in all areas of my life

♡ I am worth the money (with added tax)

♡ It is safe and acceptable for me to be rich

♡ Opportunities are flowing to me now

♡ I am worthy of a positive cash flow

♡ I am receiving surplus money now

♡ Prosperity and abundance are drawn to me

♡ I am aligned with my energy of wealth

♡ I attract and magnetise money through love and joy

♡ I know exactly what I am doing

♡ Fear is only a feeling and cannot hold me back

♡ I am not my anxiety, stress and worries

♡ I have placed no limits on the amount of money I can achieve

♡ Whilst I do what I love, money flows to me freely

♡ I am worthy of financial stability

♡ I am worthy of an abundance of health, wealth and love

♡ I am a magnet for success

♡ Wealth is a natural part of my life

♡ I can afford anything I authentically want within my life

♡ I am grateful that I attract abundance

♡ I am deserving of a comfortable and luxurious life

♡ I naturally attract good fortune

♡ I respect my abilities to generate wealth

♡ Whilst I can make a lot of money, I can help a lot of people

♡ It is easy to earn, keep and grow my wealth

♡ I confidently expect more money to flow to me

As I said in my post yesterday, although I am currently focusing on my finances this is not the area of my life in which I base my happiness. That said, I am not naive and I know that in order to move forwards, I need money… Sadly, I can’t live on flowers and pay my way in home-grown veggies. I feel there is always a fine line between frugal living and wanting to live comfortably and this is an area which I look forward to exploring and sharing in more detail. Some people feel that talking about money is taboo, however I think it is important to be mindful, grateful and appreciative of what we have. Do you agree? Do you feel comfortable talking about money? Are you a fan of mantra’s and affirmations? Lets chat in the comments xo

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