How to Harvest Full Moon Energy – PT2

Welcome back to That’s What Pea Said… Have you checked out my latest post: Animal Ingredients in Cosmetics? Today we welcome the first full moon of 2021, which is often referred to as the Wolf Moon. Each of the full moons has a specific name which I plan to share with you throughout the year and at the appropriate time during each lunar cycle. The full moon is present approximately ever 29.5 days, as this is the duration in which it takes for the moon to complete its lunar phase… If you would like to learn more about harvesting the energies of the full moon, you can check out part one here.

The energy during a Full Moon is influenced by it’s current zodiac transit and during this time we may feel that our emotions are heightened and that our emotions are more powerful. In addition to this, our dreams and mental processes may also be amplified. When the moon is full, the Sun and Moon are on opposite sides of the zodiac and this can create both intense and challenging energies. In contrast to this, during this time the sun and moon have created a yin-yang balance and provide us with the blessings of amplifying our visions and magical manifesting possibilities.

Within my first post, I discuss the following:
☾ connecting with the moon
☾ practicing gratitude
☾ journaling
☾ dancing
☾ meditation

Here are another 5 ways in which you can harness the full moon energy:

Write a Release Note:

Take time to reflect on the past couple of months.
What’s been hindering you from moving forwards?
Self-doubt? Self-Loathing? Lack of commitment?
Something which is totally out of your control, perhaps the actions of others?

Before you write your notes, make sure you address the issues which are preventing your spiritual and emotional growth. Once you’ve addressed the issues, pair them to your desires. These negative thoughts aren’t serving you well, write them down and burn them. This technique is a simple yet effective way to rid yourself from negativity and toxicity.

Charge Your Crystals:

The full moon offers the perfect opportunity for us to cleanse and charge our crystals along with our other spiritual and divination tools. During the full moon, we focus on acknowledging our intentions and emotions, so that we can process them; heal where required and ultimately let go of the things which no longer serve us. You can read more about charging your crystals and setting their intentions here.

Check-In With Your To-Do List:

If you weren’t already aware, I love a good list! Have you written a to-do list recently, perhaps during the last new moon, or perhaps because you were feeling organised. The full moon offers us the perfect opportunity to revisit our list and check in on our progress. It’s worth paying attention to whether or not we are closer to accomplishing our goals and then to consider how we can move closer. If however, you are not closer to your goal, take a moment to reflect, be proactive and create a plan for achieving this goal. During this time of reflection, it is possible that some of your goals will no longer resonate with you and that is okay, accept this and then either release this goal, or modify your goal to feel more appropriate.

Tune into Your Intution:

The full moon creates the perfect energies where we can deepen our relationship with our subconscious in addition to opening up to our innermost thoughts, feelings and our intuition. The full moon also offers the perfect time for us to set intentions, prepare our healing journey and tune-in to our intuition. Although for some of us a strong sense of intuition is a natural gift which we are born with however we do all posses the power to access our intuition. It is important to take the time to slow down and process the physical responses within your body when you are faced with certain situations; thoughts and feelings… Allow yourself to connect introspectively, meditation is the greater key to deepening our intuition. It is beneficial to combine the energy of the full moon for a truly powerful and insightful meditation experience.

Do Not Make Rash Decisions:

It is always important to be mindful that full moons are energetic, emotional and powerful times. During this time we may be more inclined to behave spontaneously and impatiently, however it is important to take a moment and think about whether or not this will still be a good decision in a fortnights time. During the full moon it is worth slowing down and allowing yourself the time to fully process your thoughts and feeling before making a commitment, you’ll thank yourself for your patience.

Do you believe in the magic of the moon?
What are your favourite ways to connect?

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