Power Hour Readalong – Day 06

Welcome back to That’s What Pea Said… Have you checked out my previous post: 21 Lessons for 2021? I can’t believe that I’m sharing the penultimate chapter from the Power Hour Readalong, have you caught up with Day 05? You can read my journey here: This penultimate chapter focuses on the Power of Purpose, an area which in my experience, many people struggle with. Often, when we are intune with both our sense of self and our purpose, this creates the feeling of motivation which we need to jump start us out of bed in the morning. Do you feel like you like know your purpose?

Today’s chapter focuses on The Power of Purpose and I have taken great inspiration from the quote which opens this chapter. I believe that not only do our actions have to match our ambitions, but that our values must also align with our actions so that we feel comfortable and aligned with our authentic self. If our values, ambition and behaviours are not aligned, this can leave us feeling out of sorts & un-balanced.

In order for our actions to match our ambition and align with our values it is important that we are both aware and comfortable with our goals and that we understand and believe in our values.

An example to support this is: my goal is to buy plastic free bathroom products during 2021. This goal is supported by my values that I want to reduce my use of single use plastics and create a minimalist and low waste home. This formula is a simple, yet effective way of ensuring that I clearly know and understand my goals and ambitions and that I believe this ambition is supported by my values.

Your actions have to match your ambition:

This chapter gave us another pro-active activity and encouraged us to unpick some of the most common ‘blockers’ which are holding us back from pursuing our passions and creating a life which we love. Common blockers include, time, money and fear. Do you agree that we all experience blockers? Personally, I believe for many people that boundaries, or most accurately a lack of boundaries can be the biggest blocker which prevents people from pursuing their passions. As a un-ashamed supporter of boundaries, this is something which I’ll be re-visiting in the future. In some cases, we have blockers which we can remove, in other cases we may have blockers which we have to adapt to work with and unfortunately in some cases, we have to accept that whilst we can’t change every situation or another person, we can change our response and reaction to the blocker which is in our way… Do you agree? Are you aware of your personal blockers?

As I said, I’m really looking forward to completing this read-along and I hope that you’ll follow me on my journey. Do you have a power-hour or perhaps something which helps you create a positive mindset for the day ahead? I’d love to read your thoughts in the comments… Don’t forget to follow my journey on my instagram stories and feel free to ask any questions, I’m always open to chat motivation & wellbeing.

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