Create Positive Routine During Lockdown

Welcome back to That’s What Pea Said... Have you checked out my latest post: Power Hour Readalong Day 03? I don’t know about you, but being a self-employed creative during lock-down has played absolute havoc with my routine and ability to focus… During Lockdown 01 I thought I’d nailed it, Lockdown 02 was fairly uneventful and instead of experiencing third time lucky, during this Lockdown my brain is officially all over the place and my concentration has gone awol… This is not ideal at the best of times, especially when trying to launch a new business and keep focused on my goals for the year… I’m not viewing this lack of concentration as a negative, instead I have decided to use it in order to fuel my creativity and adaptability and that is the inspiration behind this post – afterall, I can’t encourage you to do something if I’m not willing to give it a try myself…

I think it’s safe to say that life is different for us all right now and despite all the chaos, the world is continuing to turn and there are some aspects of adulting which must continue… The idea of creating a routine may not sound like much fun, but it can be really beneficial in boosting our wellbeing and our sense of self.

Benefits of Creating a Postive Routine:

It creates a sense of security and normality during these unusual times
It can ease our anxiety by creating a sense of calmness and certainity
It creates motivation, purpose and a sense of fullfillment
It can enable us to achieve more than we expected
It can enable us to ‘feel good’ when we accomplish tasks
It can reduce boredom and cabin fever
It can help us focus our time on the things which bring us joy

I know it is cliche, but I like to remind myself that every day is a new day and that regardless of all the chaos in the world, I have the power to control how I react and how I choose to spend my time. Personally I am a fan of writing daily lists, however I like to do mine a little differently by completing three areas: Work // Home // Fun – afterall, these elements are not exclusive of each other and they all impact my mental health and wellbeing. It is important to remember that you do not have to complete every task on your list daily and on some days it’s okay if your list is simply chill and eat some tasty food. There is no right or wrong way to get through the days… I’ve put together a list of suggestions, but ultimatelty it is your list to enjoy!

12 Daily Tasks

Morning Routine – creating a positive morning routine will set you up for a positive day

Eat 3 Meals a Day – nourish your body, nourish your mind, remember to eat colourful

Stay Hydrated – make sure you drink enough water – Plant Nanny is a really fun app to use!

Get Active – movement is so important for both our physical and mental health

Get Outside – if you’re unable to get outside, open the windows and get some fresh air

Connect With Friends and Family – keep in touch, text, phone, face-time, play games

Work // Rest // Play – balance is so important

Practice Hygiene and Relax – it’s so important that we continue to meet our basic self care needs

Do Something You Enjoy – listen to music, read a book, play games, the possibilities are endless

Get Creative – dance around the kitchen, write a poem, cook a new and tasty meal

Bed Time Routine – make time to wind-down each evening

Z’s and Flying V’s (sleep) – make sure you get enough sleep each night

Planning a daily routine and incorporating some of these suggestions does not mean that you have to have a really ridgid routine and that you have to follow it to the minute however routines have been proven to boost our wellbeing and so it is certainly worth giving it a try. Here are some tips to assist you…

Tips For Creating Your Routine:

Write down all the tasks and activities which you need/would like to do.
Allow yourself the time to complete each task comfortably
If you have a deadline to meet, you can always try working backwards
Break down activities into managable chunks
Schedule frequent breaks
Schedule rewards for when you complete challenging tasks
Plan a celebratory reward
Reach out to others for inspiration
Make sure that you incorportate 5 acts of fun into your daily routine

Do you currently have a daily routine? Would you like a daily routine? Which of these tasks do you think you’d enjoy, or what tasks would you like to add? I’d love to read your thoughts in the comments, lets chat!

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4 thoughts on “Create Positive Routine During Lockdown

  1. Great post! A positive routine is so important, especially right now. My biggest challenge is definitely finding balance. Writing down what I need and want to do each day, then breaking it all down has been really helpful for me. Thank you so much for the amazing tips!


  2. I really appreciate this post! Last year I went through a period of withdrawal after getting temporarily unemployed. I lost all sense of motivation and identity, but then I took advantage of that time to finally publish my blog, which I had put on the back burner for over a year. I found a lot of comfort in creating a daily routine. Thanks for sharing!


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