Cleansing Crystals and Setting Their Intentions

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When you acquire a new crystal, whether it is bought; found or gifted you may not be surprised to know that it will already be holding energies, however these are not your energies… It is impossible to know the history of a crystal and the journey which it has travelled to reach you and so it is important to cleanse and re-set your crystal before appointing it as your own and setting your intention for it…

The three stages which I’ll be discussing are:

𖤐 Cleansing
𖤐 Consecrating
𖤐 Charging

𖤐 Cleansing

Before putting your new crystal to work, it is fundamental that you cleanse it in order to disassociate it from any past vibrations. All items, in particular crystals pick up energies from various places and along their journey and so in order for its properties to be effective it is fundamental that you wipe it’s vibrational slate clean in order to attune the crystals energies with your own. Whilst you cleanse your object, you are predominantly cleaning it on a spiritual level, however this act will also cleanse your crystal on a physical level.

Cleansing methods include:

𖤐smudging using sage & incense smoke
𖤐 moonlight
𖤐 sunlight (not suitable for all crystals)
𖤐 passing the crystal through candlelight
𖤐 sound: using a Tibetan bowl
𖤐 burying your crystal in soil
𖤐 using your intentional breath
𖤐 using visualisation
𖤐 using water (not suitable for all crystals)
𖤐 storing your crystal alongside cleansing crystals

It is important to be sensible and research which methods may or may not be suitable for your crystal… Some crystals are water soluble (salt based) and some, e.g: Selenite can be used to cleanse other crystals.

𖤐 Consecrating

The act of consecrating an object is to make it sacred through a minor rite or an act of blessing. This stage is not essential for all crystals however it is importabt to consecrate the main tools which you will be using within a ritual, or within a circle.

Methods of consecrating an item include:

𖤐 saying a prayer to your item and dedicating it to the Gods
𖤐 annoint the item using oils which are cleansed, charged and consecrated
𖤐 using the four elements: earth, wind, water and fire

You can consecrate any items, however once it’s ‘sacred’ it should be treated as such.

𖤐 Charging

Charging isn’t always necessary, however when you charge an item you are empowering it with energy… This may simply be a positive energy, or perhaps an energy which is aligned to a specific purpose – for example, when in spell work. The basis of charging is acquiring energy and directing it to your object/crystal.

Popular methods of charging include:

𖤐 anoiting your crystal with an oil
𖤐 dancing, chanting and meditating to raise the power and create energy
𖤐 placing the object in the sun to charge it with solar power
𖤐 placing the object under the full moon to charge it with lunar power
𖤐 using energy which you have created within your tools

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It is important to connect with your crystals to truly benefit from their magical properties… Before working with your crystal it is paramount that you cleanse your stone to ensure it is pure, clear and ready to both give and receive energy. Your crystal will be ineffective if it is holding negative energies or emotional baggage. Once you have cleansed your crystal, take a few moments to connect with it: touch and feel it, admire its beauty… This exchange of energies connects you with your crystal and creates a powerful connection.

The two most effective ways of setting your crystals intentions are programming via meditation and using a ritual to give your crystal a job. Crystal meditation is an effective way to connect with the energy of your crystal and channel your personal intentions onto it, following this you can begin to use its properties to your advantage. Another effective method is using a ritual to give your crystal a job. This is an effective method for both working with is energies and programming your crystal to complete a specific job for you, you can do this by saying: I program this crystal to ____________.*

*I recommend repeating this three times, but it’s important that you do what feels right for you.

Thats What Pea Said

When using runes within your practice, it is important to follow the above however, these magical tools for divination also require some additional TLC. It is important to always charge and cleanse your runes before and after each use and before each reading it’s advisable to ask a spirit, or a diety to guide you within your reading. Once you’ve completed your reading, don’t forget to thank the diety who provided you guidance.

Are you familiar with the above?
Do you have a favourite crystal and how do you connect with it?

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15 thoughts on “Cleansing Crystals and Setting Their Intentions

  1. Wow… I absolutely have no idea crystals hold past energy. I would have to think twice and refer to your blog anytime I get them. Thank you for sharing this. I just learnt something new


  2. Moonlight is my favored way of charging and cleansing crystals. My favorite stones are rose and quartz, and they always come back to me feeling smooth and cold after a cleansing. I have also set them out at night in a dish of flower-infused spring water. 🙂


  3. This is so helpful, thank you!! I literally just bought several crystals and had no idea of these processes. I will get on it! 🙂


  4. Wow I did not know all of this about crystals. It sounds very interesting. Thanks for sharing!


  5. This seems to be getting more and more popular – thank you for writing about it so I can learn more


  6. This was an enlightening read. I didn’t know much about crystals at all so it was interesting to read about their meaning, energies, and the stages you mentioned. I love learning new things like this so it was very enjoyable!

    Casey Anne


  7. Awesome. My friend gifted me a crystal and she explained to charge it. However, I am not familiar. Thank you for the post. I will for sure reference it to help me care for my crystal.


  8. These are great tips! Glad you’ve included that Cleansing methods aren’t all suitable for all methods – I’ve seen so many articles claiming you can put any crystal in water and that’s so bad! I haven’t charged my crystals in a while so I’ll make sure to do that next full moon. 😊


  9. I own a few crystals but I had no idea of how to cleanse them, or even that I needed to! I will need to do some research on which cleansing methods are suitable for my crystals. My favourite crystal is an amethyst in the shape of a heart which was gifted to me by my mum.


  10. Interesting blog! I do have a lot of crystals, but I didn’t always cleanse them or program them. I’m learning more and your article was very helpful!


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