An Introduction To Journaling

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Journalling is quite the hype, but what is journalling and why are so many people choosing to take part in this technology free and self-explorative task? Journalling is an explorative exercise, focusing on thinking and reflection. Journalling offers us an opportunity to record our thoughts and feelings, and is favourable because there are no rules, allowing Journallers to express themselves without judgement or limitations.

Journalling allows us to create a meaningful connection with ourselves, which is important for our self acceptance, self development and growth. Journalling also encourages us to understand our thoughts and feelings, identifying patterns of thoughts and behaviours and emotional triggers: positive and negative…

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5 Benefits of Journalling Include:

Journaling can increase you levels of creativity: One of the great things about journaling is that overall there are no rules and therfore no limits to your creative boundaires. Once you begin writing, or illustrating you will tap into your creative flow and with this, thoughts and ideas will begin to come to you naturally.

Journaling can help you heal: One of the most powerful benefits of journalling is that it allows you to explore and understand your feelings. In addition to this, the act of writing your feelings allows you to release them, clearing any mental fog which they may be responsible for and enabling you mental clairity…

Journaling can increase your self discipline: It takes 21 days to make a behaviour become a habit and by making time to use your journal daily is an effective way to practice and increase your self discipline. An additional benefit is that you can apply this new found discipline to many other areas within your life…

Journaling can help you prioritise and achieve your goals: The act of writing something down, automatically makes your brain procoss it differently, because it senses if you’re making this effort its probably something important. Writing down your goals, embeds them within your mind and journalling is a great way to both focus on your goals and track your progress, which is an additional source of motivation.

Journaling can ease your anxiety: Writing down your thougths and feelings helps you understand them more clearly. Anxious feelings can lead to stress and journalling allows you to process your thoughts and feelings, and as a result eases them. Futhermore, the explorative elements of journalling can enable you to idenfity the root cause of your anxiety if you’re unsure of the cause which is also beneficial.

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Popular types of Journalling:

Writing Journal: This is the foundations of all journalling, allowing you to freely express your thoughts and feelings, there are no rules or restrictions and you can write daily, or as and when you need the need to.

Bullet Journal: A creative and versitile method of journalling which was designed to help you to track your past, organise your present and plan your future… This method is highly popular amongst Bloggers.

Travel Journal: A style of journalling where you can write about the trips you’ve taken and what you learnt during your experiences. It’s a collection of your adventures, stories, memories and discoveries.

Dream Journal: A method of journalling in which dream experiences are recorded. A dream diary might include a record of nightly dreams, personal reflections and waking dream experiences.

Gratitude Journal: A method of journalling simply for sharing the things which you are grateful for. Gratitude journalling is a very effective way of focusing your attention on the positive things within your life.

Getting started:

One of the reasons that journalling has become so popular is because it’s so easy to get started… All you need is a pen and paper, preferably a notebook. Whilst you can choose to make your journal super fancy, this is entirely personal preferance. There are a number of themed journals which are readily available to buy, or you can create your own from scratch and make it perfect to suit your needs and preferences…

Are you familiar with journaling? Do you currently journal?
I’d love for you to share your thoughts and experiences in the comments below ♡

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  1. I keep a journal where I make a note of things I am grateful for, things I am proud of and things that I have learned. It really helps me to keep a positive mindset and stay on track!


  2. I’ve decided to try Bullet Jouranlling again this year. I love the idea of journalling but really I never get around to it all that often! I really want to try and keep it up this year though, so wish me luck!

    Kayleigh x


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