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Are you familiar with Veganuary? Veganuary is a campaign which encourages individuals to try a plant-based diet throughout January… I say plant-based as Veganuary predominately focuses on the food aspects of veganism and veganism is much more than a ‘diet’ it’s an ethical lifestyle…

I really enjoy Veganuary as not only are millions of animals saved and theres a positive effect on the environment, it’s a time when tonnes of new vegan options hit the market and I’m always really excited to give them a try! In addition to this, many restaraunts offer money-saving offers and these are really tempting…

To keep in the Veganuary spirit, I thought’d I’d revisit a Vegan Tag… You can read my 2019 answers here

Are you a Vegan? HELL TO THE YEAAAAH \M/

When did you become a vegan? I’ve been vegan for around 15 years (that makes me feel old)… I’ve never eaten animals and was lucky to be raised in a vegetarian household where all the products and cosmetics used were cruelty free and free from animal ingredients, even external family were supportive of our beliefs.

Why did you become a vegan? It was a natural progression, but I became vegan for all the cliche reasons. It was predominantly for the animals, but also my health and the environment. I remember seeing a cartoon on MySpace of two children drinking milk from a cow & that was when I had the ‘not your mum, not your milk‘ moment. In addition to this, my Dad was incredibly green, so learning the effects that the dairy and eggs industry has on the planet, was another indication that I ought to remove them from my diet.. In turn, I learnt about the cruelty behind leather, silk, wool and feathers. Sadly, being vegetarian just isn’t enough…

What was the hardest part about becoming vegan? Learning how to milk the almonds? That aside, I haven’t really faced any difficulties… Initially, the food choices and some cosmetics were limited but this has rapidly changed and there are plenty of cruelty-free options – vegans are spoilt for choice, it’s fabulous!

Is it difficult to be vegan? Nope – anything you can do, I can do vegan!

Do you let certain things “slide” from time to time? (for example, use/purchase non-vegan items. etc.) Absolutely not, I don’t want to and there’s no need to… I know there’s controversy surround the new vegan burger at KFC, or the plant-based whopper at Burger King, it’s great that these options have become available but I could never bring myself to eat at either place. In KFC, the fries aren’t vegan and their business is based upon the death of millions of chickens and in Burger King, the patty is cooked on the same grill as the beef to flavour it (so gross) and the mayo contains eggs… I’m not being holier than thou, but these are choices which I don’t feel comfortable letting slide, nor do I need to… There’s no excuse, for animal abuse!

How do you deal with people who are close minded about your lifestyle? Generally, I don’t receive much negativity about my lifestyle choices and if anybody doesn’t like it, that’s their issue not mine – I’ll happily give them the finger and let them jog on with their misery! I’m not aggressive, just quick witted…

Do you support Vegetarianism and or (“something’s better than nothing’s”)? Everyones journey is different and although there are things which I won’t let slide, I believe that all changes, no matter how small are positive and a step in the right direction! Once the seed has been planted, I feel that all changes are beneficial to animals and the planet. Everyone starts somewhere and every day people make changes…

What is your opinion of the meat and dairy alternatives? They’re incredible and increasingly getting better! Last year, I tried the vegan ‘egg’ at Wagamama and I’m excited to try their watermelon tuna… There’s an alternative for everything and it’s becoming much more widely available, I can’t wait to see what’s next!

What is your opinion about palm oil? Palm oil is something which I’m looking to reduce/remove from my diet. It’s generally tough to eliminate it entirely as it’s in so many products, however – things are getting easier as more people are becoming aware of its environmental impact & this is hugely positive, until then sustainable is somewhat the way forwards. I’m always on the look out for palm-oil alternatives, it’s a minefield!

Do you feel judged by other vegans sometimes? How do you deal with it? I think there’s definitely an issue with some people thinking they’re more vegan that somebody else (especially on Twitter) – however I don’t tend to worry about this. We’re all fighting the same cause and it’s important to remember this…

Do you enjoy being vegan? 100%, I love the cause and the community ♡

Are you vegan, or inspired to give veganism a try? I’d love to read your thoughts in the comments below…
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