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I’m looking forward to Autumn and thought it would be fun to welcome the season with a quiz.

𖤐 What signifies the start of Autumn for you? Summer is always a particularly busy time of year for me, as it’s festival szn: AKA, living out of back packs, suitcases and washing bags… August is usually the busiest month, this year I attended Bloodstock Festival, the following week I worked Rabidfest (I’m the PR Director) and I rounded off the summer with Reading Fest. Despite celebrating Mabon and September 23rd being the official Autumn Equinox, for me – Autumn really begins during August Bank Holiday Weekend… This isn’t to say I’m wishing my Summer away, but after a busy couple of months… I’m looking forward to getting cosy..

𖤐 What’s your favourite Autumn scent? I love the smell of rain on the fresh fallen leaves, I find it to be a calming and refreshing scent. I’m also a fan of the Witches Brew Yankee candle scent, however – in recent years I’ve opted for soy candles so I’ve been using an old candle which I repurposed into a melt and I’m also a sucker for stockpiling Lush’s Lord of Misrule bath bomb, it smells divine.. It’s limited edition, so be quick!

𖤐 What’s your favourite Autumn colour? Definitely orange, unless I’m feeling fancy: Bronze.

𖤐 What’s your favourite Autumn drink? Mulled Wine is lush, Mulled Cider is also a winner…

𖤐 What TV show(s) are you looking forward to this Autumn? Ironically, despite not being a fan of reality tv, or any television for that matter… I’m looking forward to RuPauls Drag Race UK and The Circle, both of which are full-on, self-indulgent reality TV… They’re both 100% binge-worthy and you can thank me later!

𖤐 What’s your favourite Autumn fashion trend? Halloween counts as an autumnal fashion trend, right?!

𖤐 What’s your favourite Autumn activity? Nothing beats cosying-up and listening to the rain… I also enjoying focusing on comforting self-care. As a creative person, my house is decorated throughout the year with fairy lights and spooky decor, but it’s always exciting to add to my collection each year… TK Maxx and Homesense have the best household finds and fortunately, most of their collections arent ‘costume decor’.

𖤐 Do you prefer Halloween or Christmas? Without a doubt, Halloween and I like to continue my spooky-seasonal decor into the festive period… John Lewis sell fab’ halloween decorations, which are effectively goth crimbo decorations, they’re magical! This year, I’m planning to create my spookiest tree to date…

𖤐 Do you have any Autumnal traditions? Last year, I set a precedence of starting my counselling studies during September… I’ve just started Level3 and I have a couple more years to go before I’m fully qualified. I also enjoy celebrating Mabon and Samhain with loved ones and friends, they’re the spookiest celebrations.

𖤐 Is Autumn your favourite season? 100%… HELL TO THE YEAAAAAH!

Feel free to use this questionnaire as a template and share you links and replies below…
Looking forward to reading your answers in the comments!

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  1. Autumn has always been my favorite season. I love the colors the trees turn into. I love to hear the leaves crunch under my feet. I love apple cider around Halloween time. Halloween beats Christmas for me.


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