What To Expect During Mercury Retrograde

This summer, during July 7th and July 31st Mercury will be in retrograde. In astrology Mercury is the planet which rules communication, intelligence and timing. Mercury is also the fastest travelling planet, so whilst in retrograde these areas of our lives may be a little all over the place. Mercury has the capabilities of being the most destructive planet during its retrograde season. During this time, you can expect issues travel issues, communication mishaps and technological difficulties.

If that alone doesn’t chaos enough chaos, during Mercury retrograde we are moving between Leo and Cancer. We move from Leo to Cancer, then from Cancer back to Leo again.

These transitions create the perfect elements for drama. We can expect declarations of love; fiery arguments and emotional manipulation with the intention to control. These transitions are particularly intense and we can expect to feel stronger emotions and will be susceptible to momentary outbursts. All retrogrades are different as each time mercury moves through different signs and forms different transits. This retrograde takes place in Leo and Cancer and will also be taking place during eclipse season. During retrograde, take time to reflect and align your thinking and intentions with heart felt matters.

Retrogrades are the perfect time for revisiting, reflection and reassessing yourself and your life. Mercury governs our attitudes, communications and friendships and therefore offers the perfect opportunity to clarify our thoughts and feelings. During retrograde take the time to focus on yourself, your goals and aspirations. It is also worth nothing that retrogrades affect each of the signs differently.

Post retrograde remains until August 15th, so even once Mercury is direct again, we will still feel the effects of mercury, whilst in ‘retro-shade’. During this time we should be vigilant as we are still able to make impulsive decisions, yet have the ability to catch others whilst in action, at a faster rate with greater clarity.

Mercury is in retrograde phase around three times a year, during this time Mercury slows down and appears to be travelling backwards through the zodiac. It is advised to steer clear from organising big events during this time to implement damage control. During this period it’s natural to feel a sense of loosing control.

During Mercury retrograde, we can expect to feel a number of symptoms:
– feeling less proactive
– experiencing set-backs
– closing others out and isolating ourselves
– experiencing feelings of self doubt
– question ourselves more than usual

Although whilst in retrograde, Mercury has the capabilities to cause all kinds of chaos, it can be a time for refreshing yourself and finding closure. In true retrograde style, you can expect to hear from exes, old lovers and past friends who want to explain themselves for a final time. Ultimately, you have the control to decided whether you wish to allow them back into your life, but remember not to act impulsively.

If you prepare yourself for retrograde I feel that you can implement damage control and have a much smoother transition. Take extra care when making travel arrangements and be sure to make sure you have all digital documents backed up. Resist the urgh to text your ex and make sure you always carry your phone charger… Mercury retrograde doesn’t have to be a huge disaster, just keep your wits about you!

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