How To Stop Overthinking

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Overthinking is exactly what is says, it means that you are thinking too much and this results in hindering your productivity. Whilst overthinking you will analyse, comment and repeat the same thoughts over and over again, instead of acting on the thought in question. It’s a vicious cycle…

Overthinking is a negative and frustrating habit which prevents you from taking action. Furthermore, it consumes your energy and takes away your ability to make decisions. Overthinking is not beneficial and wastes your time and energy whilst preventing you from making progress and moving forward with your life.

Overthinking often leads to worry; frustration, anxiety and a lack of inner peace. If you’re able to stop yourself from overthinking you’ll become happier and nice efficient as the negativity won’t be restricting you.

Signs of overthinking include:

❁ Second guessing everything
❁ Analysing everything relentlessly
❁ Catastophising thoughts and always thinking the worst
❁ Having insomnia
❁ Being unable to make decisions
❁ Feeling guilty or regretful
❁ Being unable to let things go
❁ Taking everything personally
❁ Having perfectionist tendencies
❁ Criticising yourself
❁ Never feeling 100% certain
❁ Feeling tense
❁ Being unable to turn your brain off

Overthinking is the perfect way to create problems which don’t really exist…

So, time for the big questions… How do I stop overthinking?

❁ Write it down
❁ Plan a time to think about it
❁ Allow yourself the time to think about it
❁ Distract yourself
❁ Firmly tell yourself to stop
❁ Ask yourself if you can change what you’re worrying about

If you feel that the thoughts which you are experience are becoming intrusive, please contact your GP or a mental health organisation for additional support. Sometimes these thoughts escalate and in some cases, overthinking can also lead to anxiety, depression and other medical disorders.

If your brain is experiencing an overload and causing you to overthink, have a brain dump and write down everything that you’re thinking and feeling.

Do you have any tips to reduce overthinking?

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