Simple Self Care Ideas

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Self care is a term often used to promote an individual taking care of themselves and protecting their wellbeing. It’s important to understand that self care isn’t all about taking lovely bubble baths, but it is 100% about looking after yourself in whichever way that may be. I’ve created a list of 52 suggestions*, which I will be working my way through over the next year… You’ll be able to follow my journey here, on my instagram and twitter.
FYI: a free printable download will also be available, should you wish to join me on my journey.

*order of acts is subject to change

☾ Try something new: 
𖤐Read a book:
☾ Treat yourself to a massage:
𖤐Go for a walk & embrace nature:
☾ Change your bedding:
𖤐Take a bubble bath:
☾ Meditate:
𖤐Dance to music:
☾ Start a gratitude log:
𖤐Start a happiness jar:
☾ Go to a workout class:
𖤐Listen to a podcast:
☾ Bake something tasty:
𖤐Start journalling:
☾ Phone a friend:
𖤐Enjoy a yoga session:
☾ Take a break from social media:
𖤐Plant some flowers:
☾ Spend time colouring:
𖤐Try a new hobby:
☾ Make a positive playlist:
𖤐Make a gift for a friend:
☾ Declutter your inbox:
𖤐Create a self care habit tracker:
☾ Watch a comedian:
𖤐Spend time with animals:
☾ Visit an art gallery:
𖤐Make detox water:
☾ Buy yourself a bouquet:
𖤐Practice self love affirmations:
☾ Learn relaxing breathing techniques:
𖤐Simplify your schedule:
☾ Create a self portrait:
𖤐Visit a spa:
☾ Have a brain dump:
𖤐Write yourself a love letter:
☾ De-clutter & re-vamp your bedside table:
𖤐Visit somewhere you’ve always wanted to visit:
☾ Have an at-home pamper sesh:
𖤐Create a bucket list:
☾ Create a board of inspiring quotes:
𖤐Have a tarot reading:
☾ Visit a museum:
𖤐Challenge yourself:
☾ Donate a bag of 10 items to a charity shop:
𖤐Have a holistic treatment:
☾ Clear your make-up bag/box:
𖤐Create a mood tracker:
☾ Create a self-love vision board:
𖤐Go to the theatre:
☾ Detox your social media:
𖤐Create an emergency self care box:

All updates will be posted on Sundays, first update: Sunday 2nd June ’19

I hope you’re as excited as I am!

Thanks for reading…

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  1. Some great suggestions here. Sometimes the most simple of things can make you feel so much better, even if that’s an afternoon of alone time or a new book x



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