Thursday Thought | 001

Welcome back to That’s What Pea Said

“You’re entitled to your opinion”Translation: You’re entitled to be mistaken. 

I decided to re-introduce my ‘Thursday Thought’, so say hello to the weekly ramblings of my brain…

Social media offers everybody a platform to voice their opinion and share what they believe to be the truth, regardless of whether or not their statement is factually correct… In turn, social media has become a breeding ground for false-news; untruths and often hate campaigns.

I’ve noticed an increase (particularly on Twitter) where some users are more than comfortable to make accusations about others, presumably with the intent of either raising awareness or rallying supports, yet these same individuals often fail to provide ample evidence to support their claims.

Over the past couple of days, I’ve read some pretty bold statements and I find it baffling that at a time, when the majority of individuals which are using social media, are doing so via a smartphone – anybody who has the ability to download an app, has the ability to take and upload a screen-grab.

It’s far too easy to be lured into the depths of the internet and it’s even easier to get sucked into a battle which isn’t yours to fight, or you naively haven’t seen the corresponding facts…

Social media is a great platform to raise awareness, however it’s important to be mindful of the information you read and make sure (when necessary) that you’ve seen the honest and accurate correspondence which supports these claims. Accusations can ruin lives, manipulated/omitted content is unjust and quite frankly if you have the ability to publish a tweet, you have the ability to ask (and equally) provide any evidence which supports your claim.

What are your thoughts?
Thanks for reading,
Pixee xo