5 Ways To Beat The Monday Blues

The ‘Monday Blues’ is described as the feeling of low-spirits and dread following the weekend. It’s often experienced by those who feel that the restrictions of the mundane week ahead will prevent them from enjoying their lives to the full, due to the constraints of the supposed daily work-life balance.

Identify the issue:
First and foremost you ought to identify the key issue – Why do you dread Mondays? There are a number of factors as to why you may dread Mondays; is it the early-starts, the over-flowing inbox, the commute, the uncertainty of things to come? Once you have identified the issue it is far easier to address and rectify when moving forwards…. For example, I personally dislike the ridiculously long queue at the station, so if I need to catch the train, I buy my tickets in advance.

Switch off over the weekend:
no work, all play… maybe some rest

It’s not always easy to switch off from work, especially now we live in the age of mobile phones and web-based email however it is crucial that you switch-off and give your brain time to recover from everything which you’ve had to process and action throughout the week… By all means, if you’re presenting a presentation first thing Monday morning, take so time on Sunday to prep, but don’t let your job prevent you from enjoying some all important ‘me-time’.

Work to live – don’t live to work:

Sometimes it’s hard to believe that we don’t spend all of our time at work? You may be familiar with the saying work to live, don’t live to work and this is a crucial mantra to recite, especially when you’re suffering from the Monday Blues… The average person spends 40 hours a week at work, however there are actually 168 hours in a week, which means the remaining 128hours are free to use as we wish – it’s all about perspective.

Plan for the week ahead:

Did your teachers ever say – failing to plan, is planning to fail? Annoying as that may have been, life is definitely easier when you’re organised. I can’t stress enough the benefits of carrying around a diary and having a calendar on the wall… When you’re working Monday – Friday is easy for each week to merge into one, so at the beginning of the week – take a breathe, have a look and take stock of you whereabouts for the week ahead.

Dress for success:

There’s no doubt that the way we look affects the way we feel… Many people find that applying lipstick or a splash of does wonders to lift their mood. Start the week as you mean to go on and dress to impress! Make sure that you’ve styled your hair, painted your nails and polished your shoes – it’ll instantly boost your confidence and give you that extra oomph you may need to take on the world and tackle the week ahead.

Have you tried any of these?
Do you have any tips to share for beating the Monday Blues?

Thanks for reading,
Pixee xo