Ecosia – The Searches Which Save

Pixee Pea - Ecosia

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I’d like to share with you Ecosia, an environmentally conscious search engine which uses the profits they make from searches to plant trees where they’re needed most.

Ecosia works like any other search engine and it’s simple to install onto your web browsers – I use it as my default and it’s as effective as the mainstream search engines.

It takes on average 45 searches to plant  a single tree, however over 37,000,000 trees have already been planted and this is simply by people switching over their search engine and carrying out their usual searching behaviors – it seems like a logical switch!

Founded in 2009, I’m surprised that I’ve only just become aware of this fabulous organisation and although they currently don’t accept donations, you can support their venture and ethos by raising awareness of their service and fab good work they do.

They set out to restore land and empower communities around the world, for example, in Ethiopia they’ve planted native Acacia trees because they make the soil more fertile. With their earnings they started a communal savings account which allowed women to start their own businesses. A simple search, can be life changing to others.

I’m really pleased I’ve discovered Ecosia, will you be making the switch?

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Pixee xo