Eating Vegan at Nando’s

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You may be surprised to know that despite being famous for it’s peri-peri chicken, Nando’s offers a number of dishes and drinks which are vegetarian and vegan friendly.

This list below is accurate on 18.09.2018 and will be updated accordingly.

Pixee Pea Eat Vegan at Nandos
Vegan Starters at Nando’s include:
• Houmous with peri-peri drizzle
• Spicy mixed olives

• Peri-Peri nuts

Vegan Mains at Nando’s include:
• Sweet Potato and Butternut – Pitta with NO MAYO
• Supergreen – Pitta with NO MAYO

Vegan Salads at Nando’s include:
•  Mixed Leaf Salad
•  Addition: Houmous with peri-seeds at grains
•  Addition: Half avocado

Vegan Sides at Nando’s include:
• Garlic Bread
• Chips
• Peri-salted chips
• Mixed-leaf side salad

Fino-Sides at Nando’s inlcude:
• Chargrilled veg
•  Sweet-potato mash

Add: Peri-Peri drizzle

Vegan desserts at Nando’s include:
•  Unfortunately there are currently no vegan options at Nando’s

Vegan Gelado at Nando’s include:
•  Mango

Pixee Pea Eat Vegan at Nandos

Bottomless Drinks at Nando’s include:
•  Coca-Cola
•  Diet Coke
•  Coke Zero
•  Fanta
•  Sprite Zero

Soft Drinks at Nando’s include:
•  Rubro
•  Pressed Apple Juice
•  Mango Quencher
•  Cloudy Lemonade
•  Mineral Water

Vegan Coffee at Nando’s include:
•  Espresso
•  Espresso-Espresso
•  Americano

• Tea Infusion

Vegan wine at Nando’s include:

White Wine:
• Cara Viva (Portugal)
• Stormhoek Pinot Grigio (South Africa)

Red Wine:
• Cara Viva Red (Portugal)
• Grand’ Arte Shiraz (Portugal)

Rose Wine:
• Cara Viva Medium Dry (Portugal)
• Cara Viva Summer Fruit (Portugal)

Vegan Bubbles available at Nando’s
• Portada White Sparkling Wine

Vegan Beer and Cider available at Nando’s
• Sagres
• 2M (Mozambique)
• Savanna Cider (South Africa)
•  Raspberry and Lime Cider
• Apple Cider
• Five Points XPA
• Freedom Pilsner

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