5 Ways To Motivate Yourself

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There’s nothing worse than having an extensive list of things to do and lacking the motivation to crack on with it… You may find yourself faced with distractions and your brain wandering off on unrelated tangents – motivation and focus are the key to success! Although it’s easy to give in and throw in the towel, ultimately this will only cause more stress.. Procrastination only leads to future stress and anxiety.

Here are 5 ways in which you can keep yourself motivated:

• Break down big tasks
Breaking down larger tasks into smaller manageable chunks makes them appear less overwhelming and they are naturally easier to tackle. Breaking your tasks into smaller tasks also enables you to be aware of the progress you are making, however small. It’s inspiring to feel a sense of achievement as you check each of the tasks off your list.

• Set yourself incentives
This can be quite a fun method of keeping yourself motivated.

Is there something you fancy, a piece of cake or a glass of wine, catching up with friends? When you’re really lacking inspiration incentives are a great method of self-motivation because its a double win. Not only do you complete your task, you receive a cheeky reward (of your choice) at the end of your hard work – whats not to love?

• Take a break – refresh and recharge
It’s easy to spend too much time focusing on something and getting nowhere. It’s beneficial to take a break and take your head out of the situation so that you return feeling refreshed and ready to tackle it in a new light. Whether its watching mind-numbing cheesy TV, going for a drive or perhaps a walk to connect with nature, there’s always something which you can do to distract your self and re-boot your motivation.

• Focus on one thing at a time
This is easier said than done, however focusing on one task at a time makes it easier to keep on track and thus creates less distractions. From my experience, multi-tasking whilst feeling de-motivated not only leads to confusion but everything takes longer to complete because instead of completing one task at a time, you will have lots of open tabs and it’s quite disastrous, leading to further stress, anxieties and delays.

Writing a list, makes it easier to focus on one task at a time.

•  Get your brain and body active
Studies show that exercise reduces stress, lowers feelings of anxiety and depression, increases self-esteem and improves sleep. In the workplace, it’s reported that exercise enables employees to feel happier, healthier and generally feeling more motivated. If you don’t fancy hitting the gym, or popping on a keep-fit DVD, listening to upbeat music and having a dance and a sing-along is just as effective (singing also relieves stress).

If you work in an office, go for a walk on your lunch-break and get some fresh air.

Throughout my blog, there are a number of goal-focused posts as I find goal-setting to be the best method for keeping myself motivated, however this differs for everybody.

Do you have any tips for keeping motivated? Share them below, I’d love to read them!

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