New Moon: Release and Reset

Pixee Pea - Moonlogy
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The new moon symbolises rebirth and renewal offering the perfect time to set intentions. At this time during the cycle it is not visible, creating a sense of calm. This change in energies enables us to see a change in patterns within our own behaviour.

It is believed that whilst the moon wasn’t visible and not providing light, our ancestors took the opportunity to rest. Following suit, use this time to look inwards and reflect on your own desires. Ask yourself the following: ‘What do I really want from my life?’. Take this opportunity to embrace in some quiet time alone and practice meditation and mindfullness.

Throughout the moons cycle, it travels through the different zodiacs and each sign offers different energies which we can embrace and adapt to use to our advantage. Once you’ve addressed your desires, you can enhance their powers with the use of crystals. My personal favourites are: Green Adventurine, Rose Quartz and Black Tourmaline.

Water moons: emotional / psychic / mysterious
Fire moons: fiery / impulsive / passionate
Earth moons: grounded / practical / stable
Air moons: chatty / factual / interlace

Here are a number of ways in which you can use the energies of the new moon to activate a release and reset, for both your body and mind.

Set future goals and intentions:

The New Moon provides the perfect opportunity to create your visions and set intentions and goals. This is the time a new cycle brings focus and awareness on positive and loving intentions. The New Moon raises your frequency and allows you to create the visions which you’ve been dreaming about. I like to embrace every opportunity to start fresh and positive. I’m looking forward to growing on this spiritual journey, following the cycle of the moon will keep aspirations fresh.

Pixee Pea - New Moon Intentions
Write a release note:

Take time to reflect on the past couple of months. What’s been hindering you from moving forwards? Self-doubt? Self-Loathing? Lack of commitment? Something which is totally out of your control, perhaps the actions of others? Before you write your notes, make sure you address the issues which are preventing your spiritual and emotional growth.

Once you’ve addressed the issues, pair them to your desires.

These negative thoughts aren’t serving you well, write them down and burn them.
This technique is a simple yet effective way to rid yourself from negativity and toxicity. 

Eat high vibe foods:

This is fairly straightforward – the purer the food, the higher the vibes. The higher the food appears on the scale, the healthier your physical body will be. In turn the clearer and more stable your mental clarity will be. Encompassing higher vibe foods into your diet will give you a greater sense of awareness and you will be more receptive to a higher state of consciousness. I will address this in more detail, during a later post. 

I embrace every opportunity to address my goals and desires and I’m looking forward to growing spiritually.

Thanks for reading, Pixee xo