26 Ways To Practice Self Care

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Unfortunately self-care isn’t always about colouring books and bubble baths, sometimes it’s about asking for help; taking your med’s and keeping your life in order.

Below I have outlined 26 positive yet practical methods for practicing self-care which I will be visiting over the next 6 months. I will be sharing ways in which you can easily incorporate them into your life… At a first glance, some of these suggestions may appear farfetched and off-topic but self-care and wellness are at the root of each action.

Avoiding Triggers
In order to avoid your triggers, you need to have an understanding of them.
Here are my tips for avoiding triggers

Be Kind To Yourself
Need some inspiration? Check out: 30 Ways To Be Kind To Yourself


Do what makes you happy

Eat your greens


Get out and about

Have a break

Imagine you’re somewhere else

Join a group

Keep a journal

Laugh out loud

Medicate and Meditate

NO (the art of saying no)

Own your shit


Quiet Time

Rest and Relaxation




Visit a friend



You are enough

ZZZZZ’s and Flying V’s

Do you have any tips for practising self-care?

Thanks for reading, Pixee xo
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