Black Tourmaline – My Neg Repellent

Pixee Pea - Black Tourmaline
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Black Tourmaline is an excellent stone, repelling negative energies, especially those from other people. Lifting your emotional state when faced with difficult situations, attracting inspiration and providing enhancement of your well being. Black Tourmaline is a special stone for healing the lower back, it’s also good for arthritis and anxiety.

Affirmation: I am protected from all negative energy

Of all the crystals in my collection, my Black Tourmaline is the crystal which I have the strongest connection to. I bought my piece earlier this year from a lovely crystal healer whilst I was looking for a crystal to repel negative energies and protect my vibes.

Black Tourmaline has many properties, which include:
• Repelling negative energy
• Increasing life force
• Protecting against black magic
• Balancing the chakras
• Stimulates the adrenal glands

Black Tourmaline is a stone of purification, it cleanses the emotional body of negative thoughts, anxieties, anger or feelings of unworthiness. This stone helps one become grounded and it encourages a feeling of security.

In order to benefit from this crystal, I wear it daily in a cage and cleanse it throughout the day to remove the negative energies which it has absorbed. Tourmaline needs a little extra TLC because it absorbs more energies.

Whilst wearing my Tourmaline, it doesn’t go unnoticed. Its a stone which many people I meet at drawn to enquire about. I jovially call it my neg repellent but I honestly feel that whilst I’m wearing it, it makes all the diffence to my energies.

Not only does Black Tourmaline have many fabulous properties, it’s also a beautiful stone and a crystal which I believe everybody should add to their collections.

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