5 Ways I Reduce My Anxiety

5 Tips To Ease My AnxietyIf you’re not already aware September is recognised as ‘Suicide Prevention Month’ and ‘Self-Care September’… To show my support, I’ve decided to dedicate a number of my posts throughout the month to self-love, self-care and the importance of treating others with love and respect, because in a world where you can be anything, be kind…

For my first post, I’d like to share 5 ways in which I reduce my anxiety. Like many, I have suffered from anxiety for many years and I have certainly noticed a correlation between the amount of time spent / invested in social media and a rise in my anxiety symptoms.

I’m by no means saying that implementing these changes will cure your anxiety, however I am hoping they will bring you some relief, in the same way they have for me.

Reducing caffeine intake
When it was originally suggested to me that I reduced my caffeine intake, I decided to go cold turkey (I felt rotten & would not advise this). I took advice about my decision and it was suggested a gradual reduction to prevent withdrawals. I will very occasionally have a caffeinated drink (it’s in more drinks than I realised) but overall I have noticed a difference, it reduced palpitations and it was an easy change to make.

Implementing a social media detox
Social media is crucial for running my businesses however I believe it is important to take time out. I recently deactivated my Facebook, I have since created a new one however I am much more selective with who I allow on my friends list. I also frequently uninstall various other social-media apps and I make an effort to un-follow accounts which are either no longer active, or if their content is of no interest or distressing for me read. I have also recently discovered the joys of muting and snoozing, the options have enabled me to take control of what I view and my feeds are much more positive.

Silencing and deactivating mobile phone notifications.
Using my phone for both business and pleasure means it’s with me, pretty much 24/7. This certainly isn’t something I’m proud of, it causes me great anxiety however I’ve implemented a couple of changes, which make things a little more bearable.

– I have turned off message notifications for the majority of contacts so I have to opt-in to check any new messages. Most of my contacts are aware of this and are understanding of my delayed replies.

– I have silenced my ringtones and message notifications. I can normally see my phone and so if it’s ringing and I feel comfortable to do so, I will answer calls.

– I have blocked nuisance callers and any senders sending me abusive messages.

Booking appointments in advance
Unless it’s related to work, I’m not a fan of making telephone calls – especially when I’m booking appointments, I find the whole ordeal overwhelming. To overcome this, I always book follow-up appointments in advance. Booking appointments in advance removes the anxiety of making the appointment and it helps me keep my diary in order.

Learning to say no
Not all triggers are within our control, however some of them are. I’ve recently learnt that however tempted I may be to fill up my diary so I’m busy 24-7, it’s okay to say no and take some time out to rest and gather my thoughts. There’s nothing worse than feeling burnt out and you can’t look after others, if you’re not looking after yourself. Saying no feels a little weird at first, but I can assure you that it gets easier with time.

Do you have any tips for easing your anxiety?

Pixee Pea