Why I Love My Salt Lamp

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For a little while now I’ve been interested in purchasing a Himalayan Salt Lamp, aside from their reported benefits they’re also really pretty to look. Yesterday whilst shopping with the Motherpea, we stumbled upon the lamp pictured above, it was the only one in the store – it was a sign… it was clearly meant to be.

How they work? When heated with either a candle, or a light-blub these Himalayan Salt Lamps emit negative ions which bind the air pollutants (positive ions). This causes the pollutants to lower to the ground level, leaving the air fresh. The negative ions are believed to produce beneficial biochemical reactions in our bloodstream that increase our levels of serotonin.

Negative ions are also released during thunderstorms and can be found in waterfalls and the ocean. Himalayan Salt Lamps can relieve the following: SAD, Poor Sleep Moodiness, Stress and Allergies.

Reported benefits of Himalayan Salt Lamps include:
• Cleanse and deodorise the air
• Reduce allergy and asthma symptoms
• Ease coughing
• Increase energy levels
• Neutralises electromagnetic radiation
• Improve quality of sleep
• Improve mood and concentration
• Treat Seasonal Affective Disorder
• Reduce static electricity within the air
• Provide an environmentally friendly light source
• Realise negative ions into the air
• Boost serotonin levels
• Increase blood flow
• Support your immune system

Furthermore, no 2 crystal lamps are the same, they are all unique and they beautifully assist Feng Shui as they’re both visually appealing and calming. Himalayan Salt Lamps effortlessly assist with opening blocked energies within their surroundings.

I’ve been using my lamp this weekend and I’m pleased to say, it’s already had a positive affect on my vibes – placebo effect, or not – I would definitely recommend adding a Salt Lamp to your home.

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