Narcissism & Red Flags

Here’s a short piece which I recently shared on my Facebook.

Emotional abuse isn’t limited to ‘romantic’ relationships & unfortunately the person who is being subjected to this cruelty is often unable to see the signs…

Regardless, it is important to raise awareness, because for many victims there will be a lightbulb moment & everything will become clear.

I’d like to say the flags become brighter with experience, but social media has allowed the perpetrator to become more underhand in their campaign & with this, the signs are less obvious to those being targeted & those being used a pawn within their games.

Please check in with your friends because no flag is too small & if somebody confides in you with how they’re being treated (I can’t stress this enough) please, do not say to them that the perpetrator is ‘okay, not like that, an alright person, or that ‘you don’t mind them, they’re not affecting you’ or any other bullshit to make them feel like they deserve to be treated in such an isolating & inhumane way.

Thanks for reading…

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