Embracing Virgo Season ♍︎

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Virgo season begins on August 23 and comes to an end of September 22nd.
I’m particularly excited for this transition as it’s all about getting your shit together!

Virgo’s are focused, conscientious and take pride in being organised and improving themselves and their way of living… I can sense the Virgo vibes are strong and I’m looking forward to embracing the energies and having a productive and efficient month, before we transition into Libra season focusing on stability, balance and justice.

Virgo is the 6th of 12 zodiac signs and as it’s halfway through the astrological calendar it’s the perfect time to reflect on what you’ve achieved this year and focus, plan and prepare for the months ahead. After all, the energies are in our favour during this time.

Being an earth sign, Virgo’s are grounded, practical and stable and so with this in mind, here are my goals for the month ahead so I can truly embrace this productive season…

♍︎ Conduct a mid-year check:
Look at what I’ve achieved and set goals for the remaining months of the year.

♍︎ Return to the gym:
Exercising has so many benefits, both mentally, physically and emotionally. Due to suffering from a number of health problems recently, I’ve been unable to exercise and I’m definitely feeling worse for it. I can’t wait to return to the gym and reap the rewards.

♍︎ De-clutter my belongings:
I’m ashamed to admit, I am a hoarder, however this is something which I’ve been working hard to overcome.. I’m slowly making progress and I’m hoping to reduce my belongings significantly over the next couple of months – totally channeling the vibes!

♍︎ Focus on my blog:
For a number of reasons, I’ve neglected my blog. I’m going to aim to post daily and find new and imaginative ways to keep myself motivated and create cracking content.

♍︎ Practice mindfullness:
My life is pretty chaotic and I find it difficult to stay grounded. I’m going to research and practice different mindfullness techniques daily in the hope of conquering this.

Do you have any goals for Virgo season?
Are you looking forward to getting your shit together?

Thanks for reading,
Pixee xo

Pixee Pea


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