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You probably won’t be surprised to know that many cosmetics and beauty products still contain ingredients which are derived from animals. As a result of this, animal testing is not the only thing which you need to keep an eye on when shopping for vegan friendly cosmetics and beauty products.

Frustratingly, cosmetics companies are not legally required to label the ingredients within their products and to add confusion, there are a number of ingredients which can be derived from animals and plants.

In order to be 100% sure that a beauty or cosmetics product is vegan friendly, you should contact the companies directly, or simply opt to buy product are clearly labelled and certified as vegan and cruelty free.

In my opinion, cruelty free cosmetics are not just those which have not been tested on animals. Within my own shopping, I consider whether or not the company test on animals, their parent company test on animals, they/their parent company allow their products & ingredients to be tested on animals & whether or not the product contains any animal derived ingredients…

There are a plethora of animal ingredients which are found in cosmetics, however I’ve decided to focus on the most common.

01: Cochineal
– Carmine, Natural Red 04, Crimson Lake, C175470, E120
Cochineal is the red pigment obtained by squashing the female cochineal insect. It is reported that 70,000 beetles must be killed in order to produce 1 pound of this red dye. Most commonly found in lipsticks & blushers & various food & drinks.

02: Guanine
A crystalline material with shimmering & light reflective properties. This material is obtained from crushed fished scales & is commonly found in mascara, lipstick & nail polish.

03: Tallow
Tallow is a hard fatty substance made from rendered animal fat.. It is most commonly used in bars of soap & candles. However, it is some times found in make-up bases, foundations& lipsticks.

04: Gelatin(e)
Similar to Tallow, Gelatine is a translucent, brittle, ingredient derived from collagen obtained from various animal body parts.

05: Lanolin
Lanolin is a wax secreted by the sebaceous glands of wool-bearing animals. Lanolin used by humans comes from domestic sheep breeds that are raised specifically for their wool.

06: Squalene
Squalene is derived from Sharks Liver & is commonly found in lipsticks & eye makeup.

07: Ambergris
Often found in perfumes & fragrances, Ambergris is obtained from the lining of Whales stomachs.

08: Collagen
Collagen is usually found in lip-pumping products, this ingredient is a fibrous protein found in animals skin. There is very little evidence that this ingredient increases the rate of collagen production.

09: Oestrogen
Also listed as Estridol, this ingredient is commonly found in restorative lotions, fragrances & body lotions. Estrogen is obtained from the urine of pregnant horses.

10: Retinal
Retinal is commonly found in anti-aging products. Also known as Vitamin A, Retinal is nearly almost derived from animals.

The more frequently you check product ingredients, the easier animal derived ingredients become to spot.. I hope this simple guide helps you make more educated choices when adding products to your basket.

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